Thursday, 10 April 2014

Group Box and Picture Box in window form


Here i will explain use of  Group Box and Picture Box in window form.

GroupBox :- In a groupBox other controls we can placed like a login form. When designing interface in windowsForms, you can use this control to create shape.

drage and down a group box from tool box it will look like this.

PictureBox :- Picturebox provides a rectangular region for an image. It support multiple format of images.

Step(1): Login form
firstly create a login form with 2 lable and 2 textbox and 1 button.

Step(2): groupbox
Now drag down a groupBox and place these login form into groupbox by selecting this form (shift+click).

Step(3): PictureBox

Now drag down a PictureBox.

It will look like this and for getting picture click on sideBar option and select image

Now click Ok then you will show this picture in picturebox.

 Step(3): Run 
now run you application

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