Wednesday 20 May 2015

Difference Between ViewResult and ActionResult in MVC.

Here we will understand difference between View Result and Action result.  Basically Action result is an abstract class which has subtypes and the View result class is derived from Action Result class.
“View Result” is derived from Action Result , so Action Result in MVC is an abstract parent class

See the below code
public ActionResult Index()
      return View(); 

In the above code we can see that it is returning a “View Result” object and cause of polymorphism this “View Result” object automatically types casted for the parent class means “Action result”.
 Action Result Subtypes:-
  • ViewResult - Renders a specified view to the response stream
  • PartialViewResult - Renders a particular partial view to the response stream
  • EmptyResult - An empty response is given.
  • RedirectResult - It Performs an HTTP redirect to a specified URL
  • RedirectToRouteResult - Performs an HTTP redirection to a URL that is decide by the routing engine, based on given data from route.
  • JsonResult - Serializes a given View Data object to JSON format
  • JavaScriptResult - Returns a piece of JavaScript code that can be executed on the client
  • ContentResult - its Write content to response stream without need of a view
  • FileContentResult - Returns a file to the client
  • FileStreamResult - it Returns a file to the user, that is provided through a  Stream
  • FilePathResult - it Returns a file to the user

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