Wednesday 20 May 2015

How to Install IIS 8 on Windows 8

Here we will learn how to install IIS server in window 8 for this there are some steps for this installing this.
1.   Go to Start menu and press CTRL+R and that window you type “appwiz.cpl”  click OK then you will see installation screen

2.   Means this will open features or installation part of control panel  of this screen in the left side you will see some links  and click on the “Turn Windows features on or off” link.

3.   When you will click on this link Windows features on or off screen will open from there you select “Internet information Service” check box

4.   When you will expand this you will see subcomponent you will see that it install all the things which we are needed for hosting a service.

5.   Here you will click on OK it will install this

6.   After this it will install so now again Go to Control panel -> Administrative Tools - > search for Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager

Now you will see this IIS Server.

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