Wednesday 20 May 2015

What Is MVC in Asp.Net

In This tutorial we will learn about the MVC (Modal View Controller ) in ASP.Net . MVC  is a framework which is used to make a web application using Modal view controller design.
MVC Means Modal View Controller , Here “Modal” represent database instance means database fields objects.
View display the data to the end user (from database), “Controller” handle all the database operation or all the inputs
1:-  A Modal is a class that contain {Get  Set}  properties of database fields.
2:- A modal class is accessible by controller and view.
3:- Modal can be used to transfer the data from Controller to view
4:- View is used for modal to display the data.
1:- Basically View is used to display the data or  it is ASPX page without code behind file.
2:- All the design part , formatting ,HTML code can be write inside view.
3:- In MVC For showing View or design part we have to write code in controller.
1:-Controller use modal class for passing the data.
2:-Controller use ViewData for passing the data to view or we can say for passing the data to end user.
3  System.Web.Mvc" Namespace is used for the MVC Design framework. it is a standard design pattern.
4  when you creat a MVC application , remember that MVC application does't replace web forms, So we can use either framework or a  web application.

5  MVC design pattern is

Advantages of  MVC  application
1-  This make a web application easier to handle complexity using dividing  an application into 3 parts like Modal,View,Controller.
2-  This MVC does not use  the server-based forms or View state. It  make MVC framework  pure or ideal for developers who want full control on an application.
4-  It gives support to test-driven development(TDD). For getting  information about  this then Go to this link  is
5-  Asp.Net MVC is used  for web application which  is used by Big team of developers   and that development team want  good control over the web application.

Advantages of  Web Form  based web application
1- Web Form supports event modal That stores on HTTP, which give benefit for line-of business  development .
2-  This type of application provide us a lot of events those are supported  in many  sever controls.
3-  Web Form uses a page  controller  type of pattern, this add functionality to the  individual pages.
4- It is very useful for small team of development those want  many type of components for development.
5-  It  is  complex  because of the components (due to page class, modal, data) are totally integrated.
The main advantages of MVC are:
1.     It gives the full control on the rendered HTML.
2.     It Provides us to clean separation- of- concerns(SoC).
3.     Enables also Test Driven Development (TDD).
4.     Easy to  integration with JavaScript frameworks.
5.     It Follow the design of stateless nature of the web.
6.     REST ful urls that enables SEO.
7.     There is No ViewState and PostBack events
The main advantage of Web Form are:
1.     It provides RAD development
2.     Easy development for developers those are coming from window form development.

Features of MVC4  framework
1. Web API
·         It is a new framework for making  HTTP services.
·         This can reach wide range of clients, with including mobile devices and browsers.
·         It is an good  platform for making RESTful Services.

2.   Enhancements in default template

·         The default template that is used to create new ASP.NET MVC4 projected has been updated  for  more attractive.

·      ·         A Template employs a technique called Responsive Design to look better in browser and mobile application.

3.   Display Modes
·                     select an application  views depending on the browser that's making the request

For example :

·                     If a desktop browser requests for the  Home page, and the application use theViews\Home\Index.cshtml template.
·                     If a mobile browser requests for the Home page, the application use theViews\Home\ template.

Main focus of MVC4 : This making it easier to making a mobile web application  Other than mobile web applications its focus is on better HTML5 support and making it MVC web application cloud ready. We also can use development web applications which will work better across for different mobile devices and desktop web browser.
       ASP.NET Web API : It is a framework for building and consuming HTTP Services. It also support wide range of clients including browser and mobile devices. It is a nice  platform for Making a  RESTful Services since it talks HTTP.

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